About Us

Forum for Trade Remedies (FFTR) is a pan India Association established on 6th July, 2015. This association was formed to promote and protect the interests of Indian manufacturing sector with respect to Trade Remedial Measures.


  1. It holds interactions with Govt. authorities, trade associations, industry bodies on various trade remedial measures (TRM) and issues concerning rules, regulations, policies, procedures, practices with the aim of bringing positive changes in the policy framework;
  2. Creation of level playing field and furthering the cause of the domestic industries for increasing effectiveness of TRM.
  3. FFTR assists Indian industry in facing trade defence action taken by other member countries of WTO, by creation & maintenance of data base, monitoring of trade defence actions taken by various countries, actively assisting Indian industry in case of a trade defence action taken by a country against Indian exports.
  4. FFTR publishes a Fortnightly/monthly Newsletter which tracks latest development in the field of trade defence action. The newsletter also includes information on developments in the area of Free Trade
  5. The Forum holds meetings on various issues concerning trade remedial measures where the issues of general interests are discussed and taken up with the Govt. authorities.
  6. The Forum also organizes workshops and interactive sessions. Till now we have successfully conducted many workshops and Seminars in different parts of India.
  7. The Forum also assist in defending the interests of Indian manufacturers on various legal issues.

Membership Open For :

  1. Indian Manufacturers.
  2. Law Practitioners.

At present, it has more than 100 MEMBERS from various Associations and Industries.

Founding Members are:

RIL, GHCL, JSL, AMAI, CBMA, NOCIL, Indian Acrylics, IG Petrochemicals, Aditya Birla Nuvo, Aditya Birla, Aditya Birla Insulator, Excel India, Deepak Nitrite Ltd., & Thirumalai Chemicals

A) Annual Membership:


  1. Government Notification: They will get Customs notifications with regards to development in Trade Remedial Measures.
  2. Forum Newsletter- They will get a newsletter on a monthly basis.
  3. Workshop/Seminars- They will get the opportunity to attend the Seminars/Workshop.

B) Life Membership:


  1. They will be part of Core group Members.
  2. They can participate in internal Meetings.
  3. They will get first-hand information/news regarding Trade-related updates.
  4. Forum Newsletter- They will get a newsletter on a monthly basis.
  5. Workshop/Seminars- They will get the opportunity to attend the Seminars/Workshop.
  6. Can participate in meetings with DGTR, Department of Commerce and will get the opportunity to be a speaker on behalf of their Company.
  7. Can learn more about Anti-Dumping, Safeguards & Countervailing Duties by our experienced Consultants.
  8. Members will receive government notification regarding initiation of the case or Final Findings etc.

C)- Ordinary/Honorary Membership :

  1. They can attend the Seminars/Workshop.
  2. They will get Forum Newsletter.